Friday, January 27, 2017

Metadata Executive - Arabic Job in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Learn the language and writing style of MBC, internal subject matter experts (SMEs) and key leaders of the specialized topic to create audience appropriate messages.
Create and maintain the Arabic language style guideline that aligns with and supports the English writing style guide, for usage in creating Arabic content for relevant directorates.
Understand audience segmentation and create content appropriately for various target audiences.
Continuously write, translate, edit and publish content within the MBC CMS.
Track platform content changes and update the Arabic metadata with translations within hours of the English update.
Write, edit, review, and proof-read materials in Arabic including but not limited to web pages, digital platforms and other content metadata distribution avenues.
Support metadata creation for Digital Platforms
Sourcing and editing appropriate imagery, synopses and metadata
Researching content
Following content through all internal workflows
Troubleshooting where problems occur
Checking that content arrives on various platforms on time and in the required quality
Project work to constantly improve the accuracy, reach and appeal of MBC’s programme information.
Using internal software to add and manage extra programme data (images, video clips, highlights, widescreen flags)

Three years’ experience or training as a professional translator creating Arabic/Arabized content is essential.
CV showcasing growing responsibilities in Arabic translations, writing, authoring, publishing or related experience will receive consideration
No certificates are required, but translation or interpretation-relevant certificates advantages
Media experience preferred

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