Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Coal Expert Job at ACWA Power Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • Understand and plan for the coal procurement needs of ACWA Power – long term and short term for all its power plants. Quantity, Quality and location.
  • Ensure that there is always coal supply security so that plant availability is never affected and obligations of the business are always fulfilled.
  • Evaluate various options in relation to various coal sources available throughout the world and keep up to date data. Subscribe to publications and recommend hiring advisors as may be necessary.
  • Have a sound knowledge of the coal trading business – be aware of various coal markets and related indices, their interrelationships, hedging options and major coal traders in order to be able to secure coal trades in the spot and forward markets.
  • Have a thorough understanding of and be able to evaluate/ analyze the techno-commercial aspects of the coal mining business in relation to operating /capital costs, taxes, processes, geological issues, manpower requirement/ planning, environmental regulations, risks of supply disruptions, coal calorific value calculations, coal specifications, mine development plans, be aware of the infrastructure costs/issues/bottlenecks for off taking coal to nearest port, coal blending/ washing costs.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the coal freight logistics business and be able to support decision making in relation to freight contracts for coal supplies of all the power plants at optimal costs through proper data and analysis of various options
  • Be aware of all the techno-commercial issues related to coal receiving and handling at Power plant sites in so far as it affects coal procurement.
  • Have good relationships with and be able to liaise with various players in the coal industry – mining companies, coal traders, advisors- technical & commercial, coal mine operating companies, equipment suppliers, coal associations, trade bodies etc..
  • Support analysis from techno-commercial perspective on complex coal mine development/acquisition models, cash flow forecasts, scenario analysis and return analysis for coal mine acquisition deals.
  • Be aware of ongoing permitting requirements for coal procurement at multiple locations – coal mines, coal receiving stations, freight etc..
  • Be able to analyze the new developments and changing dynamics in the seaborne coal trade and be able to proactively take steps to secure ACWA Power’s needs
  • Travel extensively in regions like Indonesia and other parts of Asia, South Africa and other coal rich countries for coal procurement and in other countries where coal fired power plants are being developed or operated
Skills, Experience & Qualifications:

  • Strong understanding of the basics of thermal coal and its market(down-streams and up-streams)
  • Strong understanding of the techno-commercial aspects of the thermal coal mining business and coal freight business
  • A sound understanding of the coal trading market – major indices and players
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to work under pressure
  • Able to provide professional and creative support to business
  • High degree of rigor and attention for details
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills  
  • Able to work in multicultural environments and multidisciplinary team
  • Must be willing to travel 50- 60% of the time
  • Must have a relevant Bachelor's Degree
  • Strong understanding in coal trading/ services, and coal mine development/ services
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