Sunday, May 21, 2017

Devops Engineer Job in Sunnyvale CA United States is seeking sharp, “Jack of All Trades”- to help support engineering, QA, and operations teams.  Looking for more of a “big picture” person who can pickup new things quickly.  Aptitude and the ability to communicate coherently is more important than experience.
  1. Tools/Automation development.
  2. Implementing and maintaining scalable monitoring systems.
  3. Facilitate the needs of dependent teams (engineering, and operations) and work with external teams to achieve results under tight timelines.
  4. Execute QA and production deployments for many different applications.
  5. Document procedures and modifications to environments.
  6. Support production and non-production application environments.
Key Qualifications
  • Solid knowledge of Unix/Linux
  • Fair understanding of network fundamentals (TCP/IP, firewalls, routing).
  • Experience troubleshooting problems and working with cross-functional teams.
  • Familiar with concepts behind load balancers and firewalls.
  • Experience with some type of ticketing system or bug tracking software.
  • Experience with the following: Apache, tomcat, Java, PHP
  • 2+ years in an SRE or DevOps role.
  • Some exposure  to databases (Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  • Experience with some form of monitoring (Nagios, Cacti, etc.).
  • Comfortable in at least one scripting language (Python/Perl/PHP/Ruby, etc.)
This role will require interfacing with many different teams: supporting engineering, QA, and operations.  Responsibilities include performance tuning, troubleshooting, and tool development.

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