Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Group Internal Auditor (Manufacturing/ Service industry) Job in Ghana

  • Oversee a comprehensive audit program for evaluating management controls over all group activities.
  • Review existing systems, procedures and records for their adequacy to accomplish intended objectives; appraise new and existing policies and plans relating to the activity or function under audit review.
  • Assist in implementing in new policies and suggestions from internal management and external consultants
  • Recommend improvement of management controls designed to safeguard group resources,promote efficient operation, increase fiscal and reporting integrity and ensure compliance with established Group policies.
  • Coordinate the overall auditing program.
  • Appraise the adequacy of action taken by operating management to correct reported deficient conditions, usually by follow-up review.
  • Develops clear audit objectives for each assignments and prior to commencement of work,communicates those objectives to management and to the department or function being audited.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of key information systems and their control points by applying knowledge of business systems and auditing techniques.
  • Determines the auditing procedures to be used, including statistical sampling Performs the audit in a professional manner and in accordance with approved audit objectives.  Documents performance of audit tests with acceptable working papers and reviews audit test and summaries of audit observations.
  • Identifies and quantifies opportunities at the operating level for profit improvement via better business practices, improved production methods, more efficient procedures, elimination of duplication, etc.
  • Appraises the adequacy of action taken to improve previously reported weaknesses.
  • Plan and participate in periodical stock audits in the company along with team members and company representatives
  • Supervise, manage and train team members to perform their task well

Experience and Skill Set:

  • Must be a CA/ MBA would be advantageous
  • Minimum 6-10 years of Internal Audit experience, in manufacturing/service industry, with exposure in financial and operational/management audit.
  • About 3 to 4 years of experience in African Countries will be preferred
  • Send resume to soor@jobs-n-jobs.com or soormaaz279@gmail.com
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