Friday, May 12, 2017

Kubernet Tech Lead Job in Phoenix, AZ United States

Job Description:
Ø  Good knowledge in Java/J2EE
Ø  Experience with both batch and transactional systems
Ø  Experience with developing distributed systems
Ø  Proven ability to build and maintain Continuous Delivery pipelines
Ø  Linux system administration
Ø  Expert knowledge of CI/CD toolset (e.g. Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.) and environment configuration and automation (e.g. AWS CloudFormation/CloudDeploy, Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Puppet, etc.)
Ø  Expert knowledge of monitoring and logging systems (e.g. ELK, AWS CloudWatch/CloudTrail, Prometheus, DataDog, Splunk, etc.)
Ø  Knowledge on integration of the code and build artifacts with the repositories(Artifactory,Nexus etc)
Ø  Strong scripting/programming skills (in particular for Linux based systems)
Ø  Ability to drive collaboration among different disciplines (Ops, Dev, QA, PM, etc.) in maintaining and optimizing the deployment process and monitoring system performance
Ø  2+ years Linux system administration, including:
·         Networking / Firewall rules
·         User management
·         OS patching
·         Server provisioning
·         System monitoring

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