Saturday, June 3, 2017

Leasing Administrator Job in Sharjah United Arab Emirates


1.     Research legal matters
·         Research retail leasing matters
·         Obtain information on legal requirements
2.     Prepare and maintain all leasing data and reports.
·         Update leasing reports including tenancy schedule.
·         Respond to requests for legal information about Leases in a timely and cooperative manner
·         Ensure all documentation is in order
·         Assist finance with lease information and payments
3.     Check documents for Legal compliance
·         Ensure Lease documentation accurately reflects financial negotiations
·         Ensure Lease clauses comply with groups requirements
1.     Prepare Lease negotiation material and documentation
·         Determine requirements for Leasing and obtain authorisation for proposed Leases.
·         Analyse sales figures as an indicator of Lease requirements
·         Prepare data spreadsheets for leasing reports.
2.     Lease Process
·         Draw up leases accurately reflecting financial negotiations and Group Guidelines
·         Follow-up leasing negotiations and investigations on behalf of Leasing Department
3.     Administrative Support
·         Compile various leasing reports
·         Coordinate files, Lease and Licence agreements
·         Support Leasing Team to coordinate meetings and attend for various meetings
·         Ensure all documentation is in order
·         Liaise with solicitors for Lease review process.
4.     Attend Leasing meetings
·         Attend leasing meetings for Group
·         Attend meetings with tenants and other retail professionals when required.
5.     Liaise with Internal Departments
·         Ensure accurate and timely information flow to Finance Department
·         Provide Finance Department with current and accurate rental information.
·         Liaise regularly with mall management project leasing to ensure coordination of actions relating to leasing matters
·         Convey and receive relevant Leasing information to and from other department staff.
·         Brief relevant people regularly and fully on all relevant leasing matters
·         Communicate regularly and proactively with Senior Management.
6.     Recommend improvements to leasing system
·         Identify need for improvement in systems used by leasing department
·         Suggest improvements to systems


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Efficient and with good time management
  • Background in Shopping Mall and environment
  • Ability to think commercially as well as legally
  • Attention to detail
  • To work independently and/or as part of the team
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