Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mainframe Support / Database Administrator Job in Wyomissing, PA United States

1. Design, test, install, implement, maintain, upgrade, patch, operate and administer architecture, methods and processes that provide the Mainframe Support Services.
2. Provide Mainframe Support Services for Customer’s Mainframe (physical and virtual) Environments including all Mainframe technologies, O/S, subsystems, virtualization (VM) and mainframe processor and FEP support.
3. Excellent Troubleshooting Skills on Mainframe hardware and OS
4. Good in Capacity Management, Job scheduling, provide performance utilization trend and forecasting along with proactive measures
5. Hands on experience and Good troubleshooting knowledge on Mainframe transaction processing software including CICS, IMS, Authentication services RACF, ACF2 or other third party tools, log collection and analysis, performance and utilization data collection, monitoring of equipment, storage connection, remote connection, VM including LPARs and zVM, Parallel Sysplex
6. Experience in Datacenter Operations, Managing security permissions, Backups and restoration.
7. Experience in Mainframe System Network Architecture (SNA), TCP/IP support, provisioning
8. Flexibility to work in shifts for 24x7 support
9. Hands on experience in Mainframe hardware and software life cycle and refresh management
10. Install VTAM subsystems on Mainframe systems, including VTAM definitions, testing, Network integration and ongoing support; provide and support SNI/SNA secure gateway to allow an SNA system to obtain connectivity to other networks supported by Supplier;
11. Install, configure, implement test, document, and support session manager products; 12. Support ftp, TN3270, SMTP, VIPA, and SNMP traps activities Requested by: Chitty/Kausik

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