Monday, July 17, 2017

HR Assistant Manager Job in Dubai UAE

Requirement for HR Assistant Manager with UAE relevant experience. 1.To assist HR Director in the development & implementation of departmental business plan in order to provide clear objectives and direction to HR operations 2.To assist HR Director in annual manpower planning, Project manpower planning and costing. 3.Support tendering process and work closely with the department head for achieving HR & manpower related requirements during acquisition of new projects. 4.Manage the recruitment of key positions including posting of vacancies, pre-screening, reference checks, coordinating the interview with senior management team, interviewing & negotiating packages, issuing offer letters, on-boarding etc. 5.Manage ISO and Corporate Governance compliance requirements and face the internal ,external audits. 6.To effectively communicate and train the staff on HR Systems, Policies, Procedures, Business Plan and other HR initiatives and Projects in order to ensure the compliance and monitoring of the same 7.To manage Exit process including exit interview .

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