Saturday, August 12, 2017

Client Services & Admin Team Leader Job in Melbourne Australia

Job tasks and responsibilities
To be successful, the applicant will perform the following tasks :
  • Client service and admin in SME  manufacturing sector 
  • Office administration 
  • Document management 
  • Price list maintenance 
  • Manage  sales orders purchasing invoicing dispatch and client accounts 
  • office admin tasks
  • filing
  • computer and office equipment maintenance 
  • learn and understand fabric products fabrication and its component parts 
  • Undertake the provided training 
  • Read and interpret drawings (will be tested at interview)
  • Ask questions and make suggestions
  • Measure and sketch diagrams precisely in accordance with clients requirements 
  • Rotate through a variety of different roles
  • Prioritise work, keep office maintained, and keep work areas tidy
  • Maintain a safe working environment
Skills and experience

Skills and experience
To be successful applicant will possess the following skills:
  • Previous experience in client service for manufacturing workshop
  • have customer service experience 
  • have sales records management experience 
  • have office administration experience 
  • Willingness to embrace new technology
  • Understanding or experience in manufacturing or fabricating business 
  • The ability to read/interpret drawings (will be tested at interview)
  • A commitment to the team producing goods precisely in accordance with drawings or customer information 
  • Sound verbal and literacy skills
  • A flexible and positive work attitude
  • Willingness to be rotated through a variety of different roles
  • A high degree of organisation
  • A commitment to an organised, safe and tidy work environment
  • The ability to work well in a team environment as well as autonomously when required
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