Thursday, August 3, 2017


Design and implement Internal audit plans and programs for the audits at the business unit level which includes the local laws, taxation, license and audit requirements. 
Develop and implement internal controls and processes for the locations/ offices under the Annual Audit Plan. 
Plan and conduct reviews of internal controls in the areas like group and local operations, compliance to AML an CTF requirement applicable to all jurisdictions and regulatory requirements for the Group as well as companies located at the jurisdictions and its subsidiaries. 
Determine whether processes, procedures and internal controls in the areas of regulatory, operational and compliance area exist, are adequate, documented, understood and adhered to by all relevant parties. Provide training as and when required
Evaluate audit findings; prepare and present the results of audit work and recommendations to the auditee, local management team, Group Internal Audit Head in the form of oral and written communications. 
Review global regulatory and compliance related changes (including AML and CTF), recommend changes in policies or procedures (operational and compliance (including AML and CTF) to increase efficiency of operations or to improve safeguards over regulatory and compliance requirements.
Pro- actively advise and assist in implementing the Group Head Internal Audit on Internal Audit Policies.
Follow-up to determine adequacy of corrective actions.
Conduct special studies and/or assignments.
Undertake such other duties as may from time to time be agreed with the Group Internal Auditor to accomplish specific projects.

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