Sunday, August 27, 2017

Service Technician Job in Jordan

The Service department is responsible for the normal functioning of the customers' wind farms, ensuring the highest performance level for each turbine life cycle, aiming to secure long-term cooperation with our customers 
The objective of the Service Technician role is to make operational, ready to operate and maintain the wind turbines under contract to the employer, so that they operate efficiently and effectively to make a maximum contribution to the operating result, with maximum customer satisfaction. 

  • Preparation 
- Checking the presence, completeness and good operation of the necessary safety gear and tools, along with the valid inspection certificates in accordance with current guidelines 
- Checking the presence and completeness of the necessary materials 
- Reporting to the customer after receiving a work assignment via the company system or reporting failures by telephone 
  • Executive duties 
- Doing (preventive) maintenance, periodically checking and testing the operation of the wind turbines (or components), in accordance with current rules or work instructions 
- Tracing and, where possible, repairing failures 
- Assembling components and main components according to current rules or work instructions, if necessary making use of internal or external cranes. 
- Cooperating on workplace inspections at worksites 
- Doing various electrical works (e.g. electrical connections, failure analysis and maintenance) 
- Doing various mechanical works (e.g. assembly and maintenance of mechanical parts) 
- Submitting requests to the planner of materials & services for specialists, after consultation with the foreman in your region, and ensuring that any allocated staff comply with the prescribed procedures, work instructions and rules relating to quality, working conditions, safety, the environment and engineering 
- Offering on-site support with specialist projects and offering support to suppliers 
- Submitting requests to the planner of materials & services in your own region for tools and components not present but necessary 
  • Administrative duties 
- Compiling service reports including keeping a record of the materials used per turbine 
- Recording failures (keeping a historical record) and down times 
- Doing various administrative work, including keeping a logbook, an hourly record and a record of mileage 
  • Qualifications 
High School certificate level 
Minimum of three years' experience as a Service Technician 
Driving license B 
Good English is mandatory 

Comfortable working at heights, coping with the respective challenges this brings 

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