Friday, January 11, 2019

Field Executive (Research) Job in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

The field executive’s major role is to focus on the quality of data collection produced from the interviewers and supervisors that has participated in any given project.  
The fieldworkers will be the field executive’s center of attention, therefore, training them on how to make the best out of each interview, abiding to the instructions, and committing to productivity and performance is basic to succeed in any project.  
The field executive can be supported by the Editing, Coding, and Telephone control. His/her intervention with these functions is essential given that the quality of work of each interviewer is reflected in his interviews. The field executive must be a part of these functions.  
Bachelor Degree  
Should have work on similar background of industry (Market Research)  
Due to type of projects we are engaged, we prefer Bilingual Candidates (Arabic & English)
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