Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chief Data Scientist Job in Melbourne Australia

The role of the Chief Data Scientist in this well-known Australian brand, is responsible for assisting the company in creating value and increasing revenue by monetising or exploiting the information assets. By translating complex strategic challenges into the relevant analytic framework(s) and data ecosystem, you will be primed to identify and refine strategic commercial opportunities within the organisations developing data sets and operations. 

As the Chief Data Scientist you can be expected to:

• develop the data capture strategy to facilitate the digital ambitions of the organisation 
• oversee the design and implementation of appropriate data solutions
• source the capability for delivery
• provide data-driven answers to complex strategic challenges
• execute of the organisation digital ambitions
You will provide thought leadership and build awareness on the state of the art in data science and data analytics trends and how they can be applied to strategic advantage across the business. 

You will play the critical role of championing data-driven innovation. You will comfortably pick up where current work has been done already on test and learn approaches, including hypothesis testing, to drive faster decision-making. 

You role will see you:

• evaluating and recommending third-party data sets, partnerships and methodologies
• strengthening and defending the achievement of the organisations digital future
• conducting cost-benefit analysis on the most relevant use cases for the new data sets
• maximising the value delivered from digital initiatives 

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