Friday, February 3, 2017

UX Designer Job in Bangalore Karnataka India

Being a part of experience design team, the UX designer would be involved in end-to-end project design and development and work with different teams to understand users’ needs and translate the needs into an enriching experience.
Requirements gathering
Interacting with our internal clients to understand user needs and business requirements and effectively translate and apply them to create persuasive UX design concepts for Schneider internal products and projects.
Conduct detailed end user research to mine the psychological mindsets of users, not limited to traditional requirements gathering
Working with Pre-sales team and functional analysts to finalize the requirement specification
Understanding the end-to-end user journey and making it the best it can be. Moving the user experience beyond the screen. Creating Personas, Scenarios and mapping them in the design.     
 Working with visual designers to execute the user interaction design for complex UI intensive applications. 
Data visualisation and the thought of changing people’s understanding and perceptions based on the way information is presented
Preparing Low/high fidelity prototypes/simulation and mock-ups based on requirements gathered through end user research and user demographics
 Initiate, suggest, and spearhead major UI re-factorings for a more intuitive user-experience
 Working collaboratively with a complete development team to ensure that the user experience comes through into the final application
Standardization & Institutionalization of UX
Help define roadmaps for User Experience Design within Schneider Electric IPO by collaborating with other designers and key stakeholders 
As a part of institutionalization of UX, setting standards of UX guidelines, reusable design components while aligning them with Schneider UX style guides
Performing  task analysis, and usability testing
Identify the usability problems and offer design solutions
Using the usability testing tools and measure the experience factor of the design through standard metrics
To evaluate the design into accordance with the data gathered through research, mental models and cognitive styles.


What are we looking from the candidate? 
Inclination in UX Design with understanding of PET(Persuasion, Emotion and Trust) design  
Good interviewing skills.
Excellent skills with quick design reviews and recommendations. You are able to quickly make concept sketches during stakeholder meetings and drive home your views on UXD 
Effective with popular design tools like: Photoshop, Fireworks , Visio, Sketch etc. 
A  good communicator with excellent negotiating and presentation skills 
Proven skills to create Information Architecture, Navigation maps, wireframes and Lo/Hi-Fi prototypes are a must 
Skilled in and well read on user experience design practices like contextual inquiries, lightweight usability testing, rapid prototyping, etc. 
Understanding of user experience of mobile apps across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)
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