Monday, July 3, 2017

Key Account Manager Job in Mumbai India


- Meet the sales Target 

- PDCA of Budget Vs Actual sales Target 

- Increasing sales in Value Addede Glass (VAG) 

- Growth in VAG 

- Prepare and submit quotations, negotiate commercial terms and win orders 

- Ensure market coverage to enhance probable customer base 

- Set the technical meeting calendar with customers 

- Understand customer needs and leverage suppliers- range of capabilities into customers needs 


- Collection 

- Deviations and Gaps in collection figures 

- Realization 

- Variance and Credit outstanding 

- Account Reconciliation 

- Reconciliation of all active customers account as per the defined norms 

Customer Satisfaction 

- Settlement of Claims 

- Manage high value accounts and key influencer accounts and identify key people within these accounts who influence glass 
purchase and build strong relationships with them. 

- Addressal of grievances 

- Identify the key people within key external influencer accounts who influence glass purchase and build strong relationships with them 

- Ease and accessibility 

- Seek customer feedback and facilitate redressal of any complaints/ issues 

- Service levels 

- Tap into wider resources and skills within own organization to develop client/partner solution 

- Coordinate with internal departments to ensure timely delivery of product 

- Supply of samples and promotional material to customer 

Manpower Development : 

- To identify and implement development initiatives for self and team(if any) in order to improve overall team capability. 

- Number of training attended/conducted. 

- Regular briefing about the product and Company policies 


- PDCA approach (Gap analysis ) of set Targets VS Actual, monthly MIS of sales 

- Gaps to be identified-Budget Vs Actual based on monthly MIS report 

Competitors activities 

- Information about competitors activities prices, service, Market Share 

- Timely feedback to the management in order to streamline their decision on Product, Pricing, Service. 

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