Monday, April 16, 2018

Staff Engineer- Java Development Job in Bangalore India

Your Responsibility
  • Design, Build, test and deploy cutting-edge solutions at scale, impacting millions of customers worldwide and directly impacting Walmart’s top line by generating several millions of dollars of revenue.
  • Contribute to building new features by doing required changes in storage, backend and presentation layers
  • Monitoring, Analyzing and fixing defects and bugs reported by business users
  • Continuously refactoring both backend and frontend layer to make it more resilient and generic
  • Strive hard to provide the best experience to anyone using our products.
  • Conceptualize innovative and elegant solutions to solve challenging big data problems.
  • Engage with Product Management and Business to drive the agenda, set your priorities and deliver awesome products.

  • Bachelor's Degree and 10 yrs. of experience or Master's Degree with 8 yrs. of experience in Computer Science or related field from a reputed institution.
  • Work with Java, Multithreading, Data Structures, Algorithm, Design Patterns and develop robust high-performance and scalable applications
  • Ability to work with distributed teams in a collaborative and productive manner
  • Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions across all environments
  • Strong computer science fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, data stores, operating systems, etc.
  • 6 or more year of experience with Core Java.
  • Good knowledge of High-Performance Stream processing, Large Scale Messaging Systems, Strong experience in SOA/Microservice architecture
  • A self-motivated learner and builder with strong customer focus and obsession with quality
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related discipline and experience of 5 to 8 years core software product development experience.
  • Strong computer science fundamentals in algorithms, data structures, databases, operating systems, etc.
  • Hands on in Architecting and developing large-scale Core Java applications
  • Experience in Real-time applications, Transactional Systems
  • Good expertise in REST, Messaging (KAFKA, RABBITMQ, etc), stream processing (SPARK, STORM etc), Large storage Systems (RDBMS , NO SQL Stores like Cassandra, HBase, REDIS, etc)
  • Solid Experience in developing scalable Event-driven applications.
Our Ideal Candidate
An ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is passionate about discovering and solving complicated problems. A person who is passionate about customer centricity One who does not hesitate to dig deep into a problem and is ambidextrous in frontend as well as backend technologies.
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